"I'm responsible for making sure your office reflects a professional image at all times. Your clients want to feel confident in your abilities and your employees want a comfortable work environment. Our team of cleaning experts will design an affordable maintenance program that's just right for you."

-Kathy R., Cleaning Crew Supervisor

"Our job is make sure you can focus on your construction project and not get sidetracked by the clutter. There's nothing worse than a messy job site. It can affect timeframes, cause workplace hazards, turn off prospective buyers and look unsightly. Impress people coming to your site. We'll help you do that."

-Martin B., Team Supervisor

"Keeping your floors clean is about more than just a swishing a wet mop across the floor. I understand tile types and know which cleaning agents will work best for each flooring surface. Certain soaps and chemicals can crack your tiles or fade carpets. That's bad. My goal is to make sure your tiles last for life."

-Alfred G., Senior Cleaning Associate

"It's a huge responsibly to let somebody else come into your business office after-hours and clean without you being there. That is why we always conduct ourselves with honesty and transparency. There is accountability at every level and the cleaning staff integrity at PCC is of the highest caliber."

-Nancy H., Quality Control Supervisor