You simply want a few trustworthy people to clean your office; not a whole new group of employees to supervise. It's time for PCC to enter the picture. We allow you to delegate the complexities of interviewing, verifying, hiring, paying and managing cleaning staff. Our company provides you with pre-hired, pre-screened employees available in both daytime and nighttime cleaning crew shifts.

Prior to joining PCC, background screenings, reference checks with previous employers and drug tests are performed. To maximize security and trustworthiness, all employees must work in a supervised day shift for at least one month before being assigned to a night shift. Additionally, nightly inspections by Team Supervisors and monthly inspections by Quality Control Supervisors keep your offices neat, clean... and perfectly safe.

The PCC employee difference

  • Highly-Trained Professionals
  • Issued Valid ID Cards
  • Issued Official Uniforms
  • Fully Insured
  • Licensed & Bonded
  • OSHA Certified
  • Background Checks
  • Drug Testing
  • Nightly Supervision